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Gas Stove and Fireplace Information

Gas Stove and Gas Fireplace info

Natural gas stoves and fireplaces are used in Connecticut as a primary heat source, a secondary heat source, and/or to create the radiant warmth and ambiance of an open fire. Natural gas burns clean with minimal environmental impact. With proper selection, placement, and installation a gas burning stove can be a Connecticut homeowners most economical means of home heating.

Gas Stove Venting options

There are three venting methods for gas burning stoves.

  • B-Vent
  • Vent Free
  • Direct Vent


B- Vent gas stoves suck in fresh air from the home. Hot exhaust gases escape through a chimney.

Vent Free

Vent Free gas stoves and fireplaces have no external venting. Fresh air is sucked in from the room the stove is in. Hot exhaust gases , though minimal, are expelled back into the room.

Vent Free systems have been proven safe to use and are one of the least expensive gas burning options. Here in Connecticut, with our harsh winters, we don't often recommend this type of stove. We feel that these stoves are better suited for warmer climates where their use will be minimal. We do recommended Vent Free stoves and fireplaces to people in Connecticut who want to who use their stoves occasionally for ambiance or for heating of a small area.

Direct Vent

Direct Vent gas stoves suck in fresh air from a pipe running to the outside of the home. Hot exhaust gases get expelled through a second pipe running outside the home.

Direct venting stoves use either two small diameter pipes or a larger pipe(exhaust) with a smaller pipe(intake) inside of it. Vent pipes can be run discreetly through existing chimneys, ceilings, and even sidewalls. We consider a direct vented stove to be the best choice for most homeowners.

Gas burning systems and fixtures.

Gas Stoves are available in several configurations.

Freestanding Stoves

Freestanding gas stoves can be placed where needed and are available in many styles and with all of the three venting options.

Freestanding Fireplaces

Freestanding fireplaces mimic the look of traditional wood burning hearths. They include decorative trim and mantels and can be mounted against a wall or corner. There are many styles to choose from including unique multi-sided models. Freestanding gas fireplaces are available either direct vent or vent free .

Gas Stove Inserts

Gas stove inserts look more like a stove than a fireplace. Inserts are designed to be placed inside of an existing masonry fireplace. Our inserts use the direct venting method.

Built-In Fireplaces

Built in fireplaces are available in many beautiful styles. These units are designed to be built in to walls or custom enclosures making design possibilities limitless. Built Ins use direct venting and vent free methods.

Gas logs

Gas Log Sets can be installed in existing fireplaces for Connecticut homeowners who enjoy a fire in the fireplace but don't enjoy the mess and hassle of burning wood. Log sets are available both vent free and vented.

Set it and forget it.

No need to carry firewood or pellets with a gas stove or gas fireplace.

Wall mounted thermostats allow Connecticut homeowners to simply set a desired temperature then sit back and enjoy the warmth.

Remote controls let you control a rooms temperature and ambience with the press of a button.


Most of the gas stoves we sell are designed to burn natural gas and can easily be converted to run on propane.

We gladly convert natural gas stoves, fireplace, and appliances to propane. We install propane tanks and all necessary piping & connections for a professional natural gas to propane LP conversion.

Power Outages

Some of our gas stoves and fireplaces will operate just fine during power outages. Some will operate but without circulating fans. Some will operate but only with a battery back up.

Be sure to select a stove or fireplace that works without AC power if your part of Connecticut suffers from frequent power outages.

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