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Connecticut Pellet Stove Service

Routine Maintenance

Some of the routine maintenance tasks typically performed by Connecticut pellet stove owners include:

  • Daily inspection and periodic cleaning of the burn pot to keep air inlets open. Frequency of cleaning depends on model of pellet stove and type & grade of pellets.

  • Emptying of the ash drawer is recommended before starting new fires and occasionally during stove operation. Ash removal frequency depends on pellet type and stove design. Typically once or twice a week during the burning season, less often with some new designs.

  • Ash trap chambers should be vacuumed out before the burning season and periodically during. Ash traps are generally located behind the fire chamber and prevent excess fly ash in the exhaust from exiting the stove. Ash traps are easily accessed by owners on some pellet stove designs, professional cleaning service is required on others.

  • Cleaning of glass viewing windows. Air wash systems are built in to most pellet stoves. Air wash systems blow air currents across the viewing window to keep soot buildup off the glass. Standard glass cleaner can be effective in some situations while ceramic glass cleaner is needed in others. Glass should be completely cooled before cleaning.

  • Hoppers should be emptied occasionally and checked for accumulated sawdust materials.

  • Heat exchangers need to be scraped and cleaned. Some pellet stove models have built in heat exchanger cleaners which usually consists of a rod that can be moved back and forth. The rod scrapes the tubes clean inside the stove. Some pellet stove heat exchangers need to be accessed and cleaned by professionals.

Professional Service & Repair

We at Hot Spot Stoves offer our professional pellet stove repair and maintenance service to Connecticut homeowners.

Professional pellet stove cleaning and preventive maintenance service should be performed on at least an annual basis.

Pre-Season and Mid-Season pellet stove Inspection & Cleaning

Listed below are some of the typical inspection, cleaning and maintenance tasks we perform for Connecticut pellet stove owners:

  • Inspection, cleaning, and sealing of chimneys, vents, and exhaust/intake systems..
  • We clean and vacuum chimney exhaust pipes and liners.
  • Inspection, lubrication, repair and replacement of pellet stove fan(s) and motor(s).
  • Inspection and replacement of pellet stove gaskets and pellet stove door gaskets.
  • Emptying of ash traps and cleaning of exhaust passages behind the burn chamber.
  • Hopper and auger feed system cleaning and inspection.
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger system.

Call in September to schedule pre season pellet stove service.

!@#$ happens

Pellet stoves have more moving parts and electrical components than other home heating systems. Occasionally pellet stove parts wear out, malfunction, or need an adjustment.

Listed below are some of the atypical services we perform for Connecticut pellet stove owners.

  • Chimneys and vents get damaged by falling trees, falling branches, kids, and animals.
  • Chimneys and vents get clogged by balls & Frisbees, leaves & twigs, bird nests, squirrels, and other clever/clumsy wildlife.
  • Augers have jammed and dislodged.
  • Pellet stove self ignition units occasionally need replacement with heavy use.
  • Repair and replacement of cracked or dislodged glass panels.
  • Repair or replacement of loose or damaged wiring.
  • Diagnosing problems with control and thermostatic systems. Repair and replacement of components if necessary.
  • Diagnosing "my stove doesnt work like it used to" problems.

We'll do what it takes to ensure your pellet stove is operating safely and efficiently.

We service most pellet stoves including:

Harman, Enviro, Lopi, Avalon, US Stove, Vogelzang, St. Croix, Englander, and more.

Thelin Hearth - Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Gas Stoves. Kozi - Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves. Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Authorized pellet stove dealer and warranty service provider.

** We do not service Quadra Fire stoves.

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