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Connecticut Natural Gas and Propane Fireplace Sales and Installation

Gas Fireplace Sales

We at Hot Spot Stoves in Connecticut carry an extensive collection of natural gas and propane fireplaces. We stand behind our fireplaces and are proud to offer our professional installation service and quality craftsmanship to Connecticut homeowners. Let our licensed and experienced service people ensure that your new wood stove is installed safely, legally, and efficiently.

We'll Keep You Warm.

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Our full 2021 lineup of Natural Gas and Propane Fireplaces

Blaze King - Clarity Gas Stove

The Clarity 2118 is designed to fit into a modern home where space is a premium. It can be installed like a traditional fireplace or raised higher in a wall.

  • 27,300 Max BTU

  • 600 - 1,200 sqft.
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Breckenridge Gas Fireplace

    We offer an assortment of decorative arched doors, louvers, and frames for the Deluxe fireboxes.

  • Firebox

  • 32" 36" 42"
  • Vent Free
  • White Mountain Hearth Breckenridge Multi Gas Fireplace
    Breckenridge Multi

    These fireboxes also include curtain-style screens, Banded Brick Liners, and refractory sills.

  • Firebox

  • 2 or 3 sided
  • Vent Free
  • White Mountain Hearth Loft Gas Fireplace

    Designed for in-wall or mantel installation, Loft fireplaces feature contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology for extraordinary performance.

  • 28,000 Max BTU

  • 20" 28" 30" 32"
  • Direct Vent - VF
  • White Mountain Hearth Keystone Gas Fireplace

    Keystone Fireplaces combine modern technology with traditional venting to create the appearance and performance of a conventional fireplace with the convenience of gas.

  • 30,000 Max BTU

  • 34" 36" 42"
  • B Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Tahoe Multi Sided Gas Fireplace
    Tahoe Multi Sided

    Peninsula and See-through styles give you endless design options when dividing a large space. Conventional or Clean-Face.

  • 34,000 Max BTU

  • 2 or 3 sided
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Forest Hills Gas Fireplace
    Forest Hills

    For a more conventional fireplace, choose the traditional model with its realistic hand-painted log set and ceiling-mounted accent lighting.

  • 36,000 Max BTU

  • 27"
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Contemporary Gas Fireplace

    The rich black porcelain reflects the fire to create depth and enhance visual interest from any position in the room.

  • 36,000 Max BTU

  • 27"
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Vail Gas Fireplace

    Ceramic glazed pellets in the burner tumble and swirl the gas to produce a natural flickering flame.

  • 36,000 Max BTU

  • 24" 26" 32" 36"
  • Vent Free
  • White Mountain Hearth Gas Fireplace
    Vail Multi

    At 99.9-percent efficient, the 38,000 Btu Vail vent-free multisided system is the ultimate supplemental heat source for any home.

  • 38,000 Max BTU

  • 2 or 3 sided
  • Vent Free
  • White Mountain Hearth Tahoe Gas Fireplace

    Conventional Deluxe fireplaces may be installed in the wall or in a cabinet or corner mantel. Clean-Face systems are designed for in-wall installation.

  • 37,500 Max BTU

  • 32" 36" 42" 48"
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Boulevard See Thru Gas Fireplace
    Boulevard See Thru

    This system installs in an interior wall to brighten adjoining rooms – or in an exterior wall for a beautiful view,

  • 40,000 Max BTU

  • 48" or 60"
  • Vent Free - DV
  • White Mountain Hearth Boulevard Gas Fireplace

    Boulevard Linear Fireplaces provide the perfect scale for today’s large spaces – from a spacious family room to a hotel lobby to an upscale restaurant.

  • 52,500 Max BTU

  • 36" 48" 60" 72"
  • Vent Free - DV
  • White Mountain Hearth Rushmore Gas Fireplace

    TruFlame Technology minimizes emissions while maximizing heat .

  • 56,500 Max BTU

  • 36" 40" 50"
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

    Our Carol Rose Coastal Collection includes outdoor fireplaces, fireboxes, and fire pits with optional multi-color LED lighting.

  • 65,000 Max BTU

  • 36" - 60"
  • Natural Vent
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