Propane Stove repair, Natural Gas Stove service, and Gas stove sales and installation in Connecticut. Hot Spot Stoves Berlin Connecticut.

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Connecticut Gas Stove and Fireplace Service

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Authorized gas stove and gas log fireplace sales and service provider.

We at Hot Spot Stoves offer our professional gas stove & fireplace repair and maintenance service to Connecticut homeowners.

Professional Service & Repair

Listed below are some of the typical inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance tasks we perform for Connecticut gas stove and gas fireplace owners:

  • Inspection & cleaning of air inlets open.
  • Self ignition units occasionally need replacement.
  • Repair and replacement of cracked or dislodged glass panels.
  • Repair or replacement of loose or damaged wiring.
  • Diagnosing problems with control and thermostatic systems.
  • Diagnosing "my stove doesnt work like it used to" problems.
  • Inspection, cleaning, and sealing of vents, and exhaust/intake systems.
  • Inspection, lubrication, repair and replacement of blowers and fans.
  • Inspection and replacement door gaskets.
  • Cleaning of exhaust passages behind the burn chamber.
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger system.
  • Cleaning of glass viewing windows.

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We service all make and model
of gas heating and fireplace systems.

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