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Chimney & Chimney Liner Information

Wood stoves use chimney draft as an engine and firewood as fuel for that engine.

Proper chimney sizing and installation is critical to a stoves operation.

Chimney Installation Information

Many folks think of a chimney as the mass of brick and mortar protruding from the roofs of Connecticut's homes and buildings, they are right......but...

Even brand new brick and mortar chimneys are not suitable for use with wood stoves and pellet stoves. Brick chimneys are usually too wide to allow for proper draft. Brick chimneys also have more rough surfaces which allow creosote to collect. Often times, brick chimneys are leaky and generally unsafe.

We use a Chimney Liner to upgrade an existing brick chimney to a properly sized stainless steel chimney.

Professional Chimney Installation

We like to think of the chimney as part of the stove, the part that gets customized to fit your home.

The chimneys we install are made from double walled stainless steel and are engineered for use with wood stoves and pellet stoves.

Chimney height, chimney diameter, chimney placement, distance from walls, distance from roof, number of bends, and the type of bends are all important factors we consider when installing a new stainless steel chimney.

We offer professional wood stove & pellet stove chimney installation services throughout Connecticut.

We pull any necessary permits and adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and follow stove manufacturer guidelines.

Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer pre season and mid season chimney cleaning, inspection, and maintenance services to all our customers.

Chimney cleaning and maintenance is a must to a ensure wood stoves and pellet stoves operate safely and efficiently.

Pre season chimney sweeping allows us to rid your chimney of any creosote that may have accumulated during the burning season. It also allows us to clear away any obstructions that may have inadvertently wound up in your chimney during the off season. We have found inside of chimneys ... footballs & Frisbees, leaves & twigs, bird nests, squirrels, and other clumsy wildlife (alive & dead).

Our chimney cleaning and inspection service also include inspection and and maintenance of your wood stove or pellet stove.

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chimney clean.

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Pre Season chimney
cleaning & inspection.

We DO NOT clean or sweep brick/masonry fireplace chimneys.
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