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Hot Spot Stoves - Connecticut Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves
Hot Spot Stoves - Connecticut Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves
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Connecticut Natural Gas and Propane Stove Sales and Installation

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We at Hot Spot Stoves in Connecticut carry several of natural gas and propane stoves. We stand behind our stoves and are proud to offer our professional installation service and quality craftsmanship to Connecticut homeowners. Let our licensed and experienced service people ensure that your new wood stove is installed safely, legally, and efficiently.

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Our full 2021 lineup of Natural Gas and Propane Stoves

White Mountain Hearth Gas Stoves
Empire Cast Compact

Choose from three sizes and three colors. A special 10,000-Btu model is ideal for bedroom applications – where allowed by code.

  • 20,000 Max BTU

  • Ventfree or Direct Vent
  • Thelin - Gnome Gas Stove

    The Gnome Direct Vent Gas Stove with it's ageless elegance and fine lines is designed for small space heating and is a perfect addition to your cabin, cottage, studio, or Tiny-House.

  • 22,000 Max BTU

  • 500 - 800 sqft.
  • Direct Vent
  • White Mountain Hearth Gas Stoves
    Empire Cast

    Topped off with the hand-painted ceramic fiber log set and glowing embers, the effect is stunningly realistic and guaranteed to keep you and your guests mesmerized for hours.

  • 27,000 Max BTU

  • Ventfree or Direct Vent
  • Blaze King - Clarity Gas Stove

    The Clarity 26 features a black reflections firebox floor, infinity mirrored glass firebox sides, and a "Sand Dunes" firebox ceramic rear liner.

  • 27,300 Max BTU

  • 600 - 1,500 sqft.
  • Direct Vent
  • Thelin - Echo Gas Stove

    A “New England” design, cast iron styling and authentic embers, the Thelin™ Direct Vent gas stoves achieve a timeless look.

  • 31,000 Max BTU

  • 1200 - 1,400 sqft.
  • Direct Vent
  • Thelin - Parlour Gas Stove

    The Parlour Direct Vent Gas Stove’s classic “pot belly” styling hides a truly efficient gas heater core and heat exchange.

  • 31,000 Max BTU

  • 1200 - 1,800 sqft.
  • Direct Vent
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