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We at Hot Spot Stoves in Connecticut now carry powerful and efficient built in wood burning wood stove fireplaces.. We stand behind our wood stoves and are proud to offer our professional installation service and quality craftsmanship to Connecticut homeowners. Let our licensed and experienced service people ensure that your new wood stove insert is installed safely, legally, and efficiently.

We'll Keep You Warm.

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Our full 2021 lineup of Built In Wood Stove Fireplaces

Osburn Stratford II Wood Fireplace
Stratford II

Let yourself be charmed by the timeless beauty of this non-catalytic wood fireplace, which performs particularly well and meets the EPA's most restrictive emissions standards.

  • 48,200 Max BTUh - 9hr

  • 750 - 2,200 sqft.
  • Osburn Everest II  Wood Fireplace
    Everest II

    Attractive, efficient and particularly ecological, the all-new Everest II is the ultimate addition to revive any living space.

  • 49,654 Max BTUh - 9hr

  • 750 - 2,500 sqft.
  • Osburn Horizon Wood Fireplace

    This wood fireplace offers peace of mind due to the combination of energy efficiency and clean heating. A simple solution; its clean design suits any type of decor.

  • 43,021 Max BTUh - 10hr

  • 1,000 - 2,800 sqft.
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